Active Wraps & Inch Loss

Suddenly Slender™ Body Wraps are a safe and effective way to trim inches. CC’s Salon is the only location in the entire state of Iowa that is authorized to provide the Suddenly Slender™ Body Wrap. The Suddenly Slender™ wrap is a mineral wrap that helps flush out metabolic impurities; it’s not a water loss wrap. In fact, the more water you drink, the better the results. Women can expect to lose 8-20 inches on their first wrap; men can expect to lose 4-16 inches. Suddenly Slender™ Body Wraps are truly an inch loss wrap with long-lasting effects.

Prices listed below are subject to change without notice. Services maybe discontinued at anytime.

Active Wraps & Inch Loss  
The Power Wrap
The Power Wrap comes with all the benefits of the Slender Tone Wrap, plus, it rejuvenates and soothes the skin's appearance. Expect great results through the torso, leaving behind a dynamic reservoir of energy!
The Body Lift Wrap
The Body Lift Wrap was developed for those who need maximum visual skin tightening. The Body Lift Wrap also gives a very obvious energy boost and leaves the skin feeling silky soft. It produces amazing results for people who have loose skin due to aging, weight loss, or following the birth of a baby.
Lipase Power Wrap
Suddenly Slender's™ Lipase Wraps are two wraps performed back to back on the same day. First you will receive a Lipase Wrap to loosen up stubborn body fat. Then, you will receive a Power Wrap to flush the metabolic impurities through your system. The Lipase Wrap is recommended for clients who exhibit hard, stubborn body fat with more muscle hidden underneath. Lipase Wraps are not recommended on your very first body wrap visit.

Taking into account the cost of the mineral solutions used in Suddenly Slender™ body wraps, and because they need to be mixed in advance, to secure your appointment CC asks that you pay for your appointment when booking.

In addition to the basic formulation of minerals used to prepare Suddenly Slender™ body wraps, the price of each wrap includes other minerals selected by CC– which are based on the individual needs of each client.