Suddenly Slender

Cleanse and detoxify your body through its largest organ, the skin! AND look slimmer and younger at the same time! Experience inch loss with every body wrap. Most women lose about 8 to 20 inches on their first wrap; men can expect to lose 4 to 16 inches on theirs. Suddenly Slender™ Body Wraps visually tighten and tone all areas of the body and produce significant, noticeable results with just one wrap.

Victory Morton, the creator of the Suddenly Slender™ Body Wraps explains it this way. Your body retains water for many reasons but basically, the body is being poisoned; examples of poisons to the body are sugar, alcohol, drugs (both prescription & non-prescription), nicotine, and stress (caused by an unruly spouse, child, boss, hot weather, etc). These things “insult” your body, and your body will start retaining water to dilute the “poisons”. The Suddenly Slender Body Wrap exchanges minerals with these poisons and water retained to dilute them, and the compression from the wrap bandages, compacts the skin.

Whatever your goal may be, from wanting to look better for a special occasion, to targeting specific problem areas, or looking a pants size (or two) smaller, the Suddenly Slender™ Body Wrap System will help you achieve your goals. You will see the results on your very first visit.